One Pound Note

Today after one year in Scotland, specifically in Glasgow Caledonian University at Hamish Wood cafe they gave me my change with one pound NOTE !!

I didn’t know that there is a note pound !! also I told my friends, they surprised as well 🙂

But in general it was nice thing to know and for sure I will keep it as a memory ..


I want to do it


Today I was thinking to do something new like I want to become a homeless and stay all the day outside my flat and walking everywhere and asking people for change. I want to see that part of this life and how people treat these people.

any suggestions about streets to visit them or new ideas to deal with ? 🙂

Leam Boat Centre

Today when I was walking in Glasgow green, I saw some boats to rent per hour. When I asked him, he told me these boats for sports activities and I must have a license to rent it. He told me that I must go under training sessions to gain that license. One day I must try this activity and gain that license. I hope 🙂